Dr. Abdul Raouf

Dr. Abdul Raouf has over 30 years of post Ph.D. applied research, teaching, and training experience. He has worked for prestigious space research organizations including the European Space Agency and has been working with Saskatchewan Polytechnic since 2014. His research interests are focused on the applications of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technologies for resource exploration, mapping, management, environmental impact assessment, land-cover/land-use mapping, vegetation mapping, and disaster mitigation. He is particularly interested in the use LIDAR data for vegetation analysis, landslide mapping and flood zone delineation.

He has published several research papers in peer review journals, has provided reviews of research papers to be published in scientific journals, and worked as a guest editor. He has been actively involved with the First Nation Communities and have created digital maps of Indian Reserves to facilitate communities and first responders. He has been working with Cowessess First Nation for identification of unmarked graves using remote sensing technologies and also have created interactive cemetery maps.

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