Capacity Building As Empowerment


The Firelight Group and its partners are proud to present the largest international geospatial conference for Indigenous Nations and organizations on Indigenous-led geospatial research



The Firelight Group and its partners are committed to the development and advancement of culturally appropriate and inclusive geospatial technologies for Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Mapping Workshops provides geospatial capacity building opportunities for Indigenous Nations and organizations. Participants learn geospatial tools and methods to collect, host, visualize, share, and publish community-generated spatial data. Our training explore current and relevant themes, such as traditional knowledge use and use studies, environmental monitoring, land use planning, negotiations, health, and inter-generational knowledge transfer.


We are dedicated to the development and advancement of culturally appropriate and inclusive geospatial technologies, research, and education for Indigenous leadership, agencies, and communities. Our work focuses on the generation and dissemination of decolonized resources in Geographical Information Sciences, their integration and application, and the preservation and promotion of Indigenous rights and interests.



We are the largest Indigenous geospatial network in the world thanks to the dedication of our partners, sponsors, and communities.





What we do

We provides geospatial training and capacity building to bring culturally relevant and appropriate geospatial technologies to support Indigenous Nations and organizations


Indigenous Pedagogy

All training sessions and materials make reference to and teach about Indigenous ideology, community, culture, and relationships with the land

Geospatial Technology

The provision of geospatial of training courses and materials designed specifically for Indigenous leadership, agencies, and communities

Community Engagement

Indigenous communities, organizations, and governments  are directly engaged in all facets of programming to create and realize Indigenous futures

Professional Development

Geospatial training that responds to the changing educational landscape that recognizes the needs of Indigenous communities, organizations, and governments


Geospatial Support

The promotion of high-quality, productive methods, knowledge exchanges, and technologies to support Indigenous rights and interests

Decolonial Practices

The promotion of Indigenous knowledge within Geographical Information Sciences through the decolonization of Western knowledge and practices 



Here are some common questions about the Indigenous Mapping Workshop.

Who should attend a workshop?

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop is for members of, or people working directly with, Indigenous communities or organizations; decision-makers and mapping or technology specialists; those who demonstrate interest and ability to implement and make effective use of spatial technology within their community; and those who are currently working on mapping projects, or are planning mapping projects in their communities.

Is training offered in languages other than English?

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop training and presentations will be conducted only in English. All participants should be able to speak and understand English. We are working on different language availabilities for future Indigenous Mapping Workshop events. If you are interested in helping us with curriculum translation, please contact us at

How are workshops funded?

Indigenous Mapping Workshops are funded by our generous partners and sponsors. If your organization is interested in partnering with or sponsoring the next Indigenous Mapping Workshop, please contact our sponsorship team to get more information.

What are the accommodations for the event?

Attendees are responsible for booking their own transportation and lodging (if needed). Hotel recommendations can be found on the specific workshop page you are interested in. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

How much does attending a workshop cost?

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop costs depend on the location of the event. Please refer to the specific page of the event you are interested in. Please note that additional ticketing service charges and taxes are added when purchasing a ticket. There are a limited number of seats for workshop attendees. Those interested in attending a workshop must apply and confirm acceptance into the workshop before making travel arrangements.

Do I have to participate every day?

Apart from organizers, trainers, speakers, and press, participants who attend an Indigenous Mapping Workshop are expected to participate for all the days due to the limited seats and high demand of participation.

Do I need to have a background in GIS?

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop offers different training streams for each of the tools, from beginner to advanced. We seek to create accessible programming for all levels and experiences. If you have any concerns or would like to know what to expect at the workshop, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out!

What special accommodations are available?

Please contact us to request services or other accommodations for special needs. If you have dietary restrictions, please be sure to mark them in detail on the space provided on the application form when you register.


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